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Jnana Sweekar Public School,Bengaluru  

Jnana Sweekar Foundation, has been founded bySri.H.D.Balakrishnegowda, and his wife Smt. Kavitha Balakrishnegowda.Sri.H.D.Balakrishnegowda having graduated in physics (Hons) with a postgraduate degree in physics, from Bangalore University in the early 1970’s, hasa wide experience in the field of Public Administration.  He is supported by his wife Smt. KavithaBalakrishnegowda, a commerce graduate, in his endeavors. 

The Complex of Institutions established underJnana Sweekar Foundation comprises of Jnana Sweekar Montessori House ofChildren, Jnana Sweekar Public School and Jnana Sweekar Pre University Collegewith a view to create centre for excellence in the field of education.  The school focuses to deliver high qualitycomprehensive, integrated education through innovative methods.

The sprawling campus of the school brings anaura of cosmopolitan environment of its own kind where modern trends andtraditions are amalgamated subtly without any loss of being contemporary andtradition that are amalgamated subtly without any loss of our ethnicity localculture, diversity in traditions.

Taking up a cause and giving it a soul is thepassion for all, in steering the institution to its quality destination, underthe leadership of our Advisory Committee Chairman,  Padmavibhushana Sri. M .N. Venkatachalaiah.



A curriculum and methodology adopted toeducate children will equip them to face challenging competitions of thesociety.


For the blooming buds the school offersMontessori Method.


" Every child has the potential to beGenius "   said    Dr. Maria Montessori.



At Jnana Sweekar Montessori House of Childrenthe Montessori approach helps to identify, nurture and develop a Child’spotential to the fullest in all walks of life.


With an infrastructure giving a feeling

“Home away Home” and experienced, dedicatedteachers who inspire a life time of learning.


    *State of the art infrastructure.

    *High quality and purposeful learning materials.

    *Total Montessori approach to unfold the potential of a child.

    *Well trained and experienced faculty.

    *Teacher student’s ratio being maintained at 1-12.

    *Stress free learning through holistic approach.

    *Regular excursions and field trips.

    *Regular parent – teacher meeting to know the development in a child.

For grade I and above

    Thecurriculum followed is CBSE the scholastic subjects offered:




                        ·Computer Science

    ·Hindi/Kannada/Sanskrit (II Language)                    · Value Education

    ·Hindi/Kannada/Sanskrit (III Language)                   · Environmental Education

    ·Mathematics                       ·Hindi/Kannada/Sanskrit (II Language)

   ·Social Science                    ·Physical and Health Education


Methodology of Instructions:


            · Seminars       ·Group Discussions

    · Role Play   ·Demonstration           · EducationalTrips

    ·Debates      · Quiz   · Interactive Presentation

    ·Community based activities                        

    ·Social Science      


The school campus is located in  Thalaghattapura on Kanakapura Main Road,Bangalore–560062. and is nature friendly. It also enjoys the dual benefit of its location with an easy access fromthe city as well as avoiding the polluted hustle bustle of the busy city.

The School building is uniquely designed tocater to diverse needs of learners at all levels.  The atmosphere is learner conducive andpromotes a love for learning, simultaneously inculcating values aimed atdeveloping tolerance, sensitivity and a positive attitude to change.. Themedium of instruction is English and the curriculum offered is CBSE with aMontessori approach at Kindergarten level.


With committed proactive staff who encouragecreative thinking, a lot of learning is project based. With a facilitator forevery 25-30 students. The rigidity and authoritarianism has been replaced bydemocratic discussion and debate fostering a healthy atmosphere of caring, andnurturing every child to develop into a self reliant being.


Imposing ambience with modernity ingrained inthought and action is visible in all aspects.


A state of the art information andcommunication laboratory complex comprises of computer laboratory, languagelaboratory as well as audio visual learning centres.


The well equipped digital library is a focalpoint of discovery learning.  It providesaccess to internet facilities, digital Cds, e-books, journals and onlinelearning facilities.


Specialcare and attention has been taken to develop sports facilities also Establishment



080-28427472/73, Address
Jnana Sweekar Public School

About School Infrastructure and Facilities



Spacious well-lit ventilated modernclassrooms. The school has created a new age Montessori facilities for the agegroup 2.5 years to 5 years 10 months and CBSE stream for class 1 to class IX.With 90 such classrooms the school provides student strength is restricted to30 students per classroom. This good learning ambience apart from liveinteractions between teacher and students




Laboratories are the workshops for thestudents with intellectual and creative minds. There are state-of-the-artlaboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Social Sciences andLanguages. The huge laboratories are well designed with emphasis on modernity,cleanliness and safety,having all the required best amenities to conductexperiments. These laboratories are instrumental in inculcating scientifictemper and to induce logical thinking among the students. The students are givenopportunities to have experiential learning enabling them to understandintricate scientific concepts in a lucid manner.




Our modern library is a great InformationResource Centre to the students which enables them to avail advanced facility togain new insight into the vast array of textual topics, induce them to writereviews, promote in them the habit of reading not only for knowledge sake butalso for deriving pleasure by reading. The students with the help of latestinternet and computer enabled technologies can access the required informationat the tip of their fingers.


   •The spacious library has a floor area of about 14000 sq. ft. and iswell-designed with modern facilities


   •The school has created a dedicated website by which, the students canaccess lakhs of books under public domain books category.


   •Library is equipped with recent library software of internationalstandard, namely, New Gen Lib, for inventorying and cataloguing a large numberof accessions.


   •The student can access the books of their choice through open accesssystem.


   •The digital library is being given priority and promoted.




Apartfrom the facility of interactive boards in the classroom, the students have anopportunity to making

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